25 databases prepared for transfer to the reBiND archive

Datasets from several resources are now prepared for archiving and connection to GBIF. The reBiND team have presented the reBiND archiving workflow on workshops and conferences. Researchers had the opportunity to store their primary data permanently and make them available for further research. Data content comprises of morphological measures, time series, collection data or observations. Some address botanical research questions, others are focused on zoological groups such as beetles, small mammals or birds. Most data were provided in Excel sheets or as Word files. These files were transferred into a relational database format. The data were prepared for the mapping to the ABCD scheme. Most of the data are based on PHD or Diploma theses, some are derived from datasets from researchers who went into retirement.

Some examples

  • Observational data on beetles from meadow orchards in Southern Germany
  • Puffinus creatopus on Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile
  • Morphological data of Natrix in Europe
  • Tropical epiphyte diversity under human impact, Ecuador
  • Vegetation change in the Swiss alps
  • Vegetation records of open grazed habitats in north-eastern Germany
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