Screenshots of the reBiND Software

Below you will find the first screenshots of our reBiND software together with an explanation of what the screenshots show. Please be aware that the software itself is still in development and therefore subject to changes. If you have any questions or feedback about the reBiND software, feel free to contact us as

The default view of an unpublished project

This is the view of an unpublished project. A project can contain several files of various file types and folders. Depending on the file type different options are offered for the current file. All file types have the option to view/download the file in its native form. Text based file types have the option to edit the file online. XML files can be validated against their schema (if it is registered with the reBiND Software) and can be corrected or modified by running automated corrections on them. Here the details of the file 'data.xml' are shown. It contains the regular file information, similar to the information provided by the operating system. In the middle section, the different actions are offered. On the right the current status of the file is displayed. Since neither the validation nor the correction has been run on that file, the system is not aware of any problems yet.


The validation of the file failed.

After clicking on the validation action, the above info screen will open and display a throbber while the file is validated. In the above screenshot the validation is complete and the screen shows the result - that there were 22222 errors found in the file.


Running an automated correction on a data file

Before running an automated correction on an XML file, the correction configuration must be selected. The configuration file defines the correction modules to be applied and their settings. Here the configuration 'ABCD Complete Correction' has been selected, which handles many well known problems occuring in ABCD files. After each module has finished, the name is displayed, together with the number of info messages, warnings and errors. Info messages are displayed if a correction was done and no problems are expected from this correction. Warnings are displayed if the correction could be ambiguous. In this case the correction itself should be reviewed by the data expert. Errors are shown if the software could not correct a certain problem. This means the validation of the file will fail at these positions. For each module, the time it took to run the correction is also displayed on the right.


The automated correction is finished.

Now the correction is finished. Of all the different problems the modules checked for, only four types were found in this file. Most corrections where done be removing unnecessary empty elements.


The validation of the file was successful.

After the correction is finished the file is validated again, and this time the validation is successful.


The icons used are from or based on the Oxygen Icon Set, with the exception of the finish flag which is from the FatCow Icon Set.

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