reBiND - Project

reBiND aims to develop cost-efficient workflows for rescuing legacy databases from biodiversity sciences which are not integrated in an institutional data curation strategy and are, therefore, at risk of getting lost. Click here to watch a short Stop-Motion video which further explains the idea of the project.

reBiND builds on a survey and assessment of existing threatened biodiversity databases with a focus on collection and observational data. Priority will be given to data with accessible documentation or expertise for proper interpretation as well as the owner’s permission to publish the data via BioCASE following the BioCASE Code of Conduct for Data and Portal Nodes.

reBiND workflows combine software tools for transforming data stored in outdated database systems into well-documented, standardized, and commonly understood XML-formats (e.g. ABCD) with a system for storing, documenting, and publishing the information as a web service. The workflow will be thoroughly tested, refined and documented in a best-practice handbook.

reBiND is a three-year project from the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, funded by the LIS-Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG). The original project title is “Entwicklung von Workflows und Softwarekomponenten zur Rettung lebenswissenschaftlicher Primärdaten” (project number GU 1109/2-1).

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